Cats Slot

If you are eager to play the Cats Slot Machine in the hope that you will be greeted with a whole host of cute and cuddle feline friends, think again. In the Cats Slot Machine, the only cats that are on display as the mighty beasts of the jungle and so you will be hard pressed to find a single cat that happens to be incapable of savaging a man to death in a single leap! Including the likes of lions, jaguars, panthers and mountain lions, these are kitties that you do not ever want to take a chance petting anytime soon.

The Cats Slot Machine has a jackpot of 10,000 coins on offer, although one of the most disappointing things about the slot machine is that despite the fact that it has 5 reels and 30 paylines to its name, the actual bid requirements are nothing short of excessive. The bid range per payline is capped at 0.01-30.00 per payline, and the player can place their wagers either in Euros, Dollars or Pounds as they see fit. For those of us who struggle with maths (or who just can’t be bothered number crunching) the total cost of playing the Cats Slot Machine per spin can reach $900 if the player decides to wager the maximum per payline.

Despite the fact that the Cats Slot Machine happens to be one of the most costly slot machines around, it suffers from a woefully inadequate lack of special or additional features and so the features of the game are decidedly lacklustre and average. If anything, they fall short of the rather steep price that the Cats Slot Machine demands of the player to be entitled to play.

One saving grace of the Cats Slot Machine is that if the player is able to turn the bonus round and the Wild symbols to their advantage, they can potentially win upwards of $250,000! During the “Raining Free Spins” round, the player will have the ability to earn themselves additional free spins which in turn means that they can have a chance of winning some money without actually having to spend any of their own.

I if the player is fortunate enough to gain the top prize of £250,000 during the Raining Free Spins feature then the round will automatically end there and then.

Please note that this slot machine game is available at the Virgin Casino, and players can claim an Exclusive £150 bonus.

Play “Cats Slot Machine ” At Virgin Casino With a £150 Exclusive Bonus.

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