Emerald Isle Slot

The Emerald Isle Slot Machine is themed around Ireland some of the various myths and fables most commonly attributed to the region, such as Leperchauns, rainbows and Erin, the mythical fairy queen. With a potential jackpot of 6000 coins up for grabs, it is safe to say that the Emerald Isle Slot Machine really will provide the player with their opportunity to earn their own “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow.

The Emerald Isle Slot Machine is something of a curious thing and the reason for this is that whilst it happens to be a product of a company that is infamous for its lack of willingness to deviate from the norm, the Emerald Isle Slot Machine manages to do exactly that, in a very grand scale indeed. At first glance, the 5 reels and 20 paylines (a WagerWorks Company trademark through and through) does little to support that assertion. The minimum wager requirement per payline, set at 0.01-5.00 for the Emerald Isle Slot Machine does not really help this argument either.

However, the Emerald Isle Slot Machine is to be commended on two major grounds:

1) It actually accepts a variety of different currencies, rather than the same three currencies that the majority of WagerWork Company slot machines are programmed to accept (these being the Euro, the Dollar and the Pound)
2) The Emerald Isle Slot Machine is designed to be compatible and displayed in a number of different languages including Japanese, French, German and Spanish.

The Emerald Isle Slot Machine has all the standard features that one would expect from a virtual slot machine and so the player can take full advantage of the fact that there are scatter symbols and wildcard symbols in order to aid them in their hunt for the big prize.

However, the Emerald Isle Slot Machine also happens to provide an additional bonus round feature, known as the Leprechaun Bonus Feature. During this round, if the player is able to match up three of the same symbols during the course of the gameplay, they will be able to multiply the value of the bet submitted by 100.

Please note that this bonus round will not last forever, and so when it expires the player is taken back to the normal gameplay.
Please note that this slot machine game is available at the Virgin Casino, and players can claim an Exclusive £150 bonus.

Play ” Emerald Isle Slot Machine ” At Virgin Casino With a £150 Exclusive Bonus.

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